Carreer Coaching Carreer Coaching

Your partner on your road to success.

Is it your ambition to develop your career further? If so then you should plan this strategically by speaking to us.

We can show you career opportunities in market leading companies.

Our aim is to offer an employee and a company a match that helps both; a „win-win“ situation. Only when the needs and expectations of both parties are met we consider ourselves to be satisfied.

It may be that we can develop you within your existing company or help you further your career elsewhere in the marketplace.

If you have decided to take that next step in your career then we will assist you during your application process. We will support you during your probationary period.

If you apply for a position promoted by Rassbach Consulting then there are no charges to you as an individual.

We guarantee discretion and will preserve your anonymity; we will protect your anonymity at early stages of a career move with prospective employers.

To do this we offer the following service:

  • Assistance with preparation of your resume (CV) and application documents.
  • Pre-interview advice and coaching.
  • Interview training using video.
  • Mediation assistance for in-company disputes.
  • Career coaching
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